Report a security problem

If you would like to report a security problem or anomalies that may indicate a threat or vulnerability to information security, please use the contact form below.

Our ATOSS security experts take your report very seriously. We will promptly investigate our software and our cloud services and activate our established security process to restore security quickly.

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Additional security note:

With the interests of our customers in mind, we ask to refrain from distributing any information about releases or tools that can exploit the alleged vulnerability.

As a provider of HR business software, we always offer security updates for the latest version, but also for older versions of our software products that are in maintenance. This means that we have to develop and thoroughly test security updates for various product versions. Depending on the type of vulnerability, in some cases configuration or provisioning tasks are required regarding customer internal constraints or processes. Therefore, please give us and our customers enough time to implement the security updates in the affected systems.

We thank you for your attention.